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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Rails: Learning to learn it #1

Since I think it was time to kick off my learning rails task, how to start ?

A book ? I don’t think so.

Having read a lot about this, I think I will pick a book later, but need to explore a bit of Rails first.

Having studied Ruby with Satish Talin’s “Free Online Ruby Programming Course”, why not do the same with Rails ?

So, Sunil Kelkar’s “Free Online Course on Ruby on Rails”, would be the answer.

This course was planned on a four week basis; so, appear to be a fast way to get introduced to web development in general using RoR as a framework.

It looks perfect to me.

Unfortunately, due to some personal problems, Sunil was not able to go on with the course, since the second week, and now I’m trying to keep the course online using a wiki approach, so, each student could contribute to the course completion.

Supporting me on this thread are: Satish Talim on administrative tasks, and Fabio Akita as a teacher.

If you, reading this, think could help us, take a look on, and send me an email.

"The Rails Logo was created by Kevin Milden and is distributed under the BY-ND Creative Commons License."