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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Now start using it !

OK that is time to begin to use Ruby on more serious applications...

This weekend I finished the "Challenge", complete the remaining stepts on the "Project" and advance to the "Ruby / Tk" item on my study group.

So, I think could start some serious mini applications at work.

There is a lot of day by day actvities there, and I think they could become Ruby desktop applications.

I will search a bit more about Ruby GUIs and start the process !

3 hours later, my search is done ! there are some options:
1 - Tcl/Tk - Is the default option, tons of docs...
2 - FXRuby - Good graphics !
3 - wxRuby - A havier good graphics one !

And I will try this too:
1 - Shoes
2 - FLTK

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