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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Ruby book for non-programmers

If you are not a programmer, and like to learn Ruby, I recommend Chris Pine's "Learn to Program" book.

It is a simple, concise and precise peace. With 156 pages, it is easy to read. Full of examples and "Things to Try".

Here is a summary:

After an introduction to programming, and some install tips on the first Chapter, it goes on with:

2 Numbers

3 Letters

4 Variables and Assignment

5 Mixing It Up

6 More about Methods

7 Flow Control

8 Arrays and Iterators

9 Writing Your Own Methods

On chapter 10 it goes beyond, in recursion and sorting, and keep on track with:

11 Reading and Writing, Saving and Loading, Yin and Something Else.

12 New Classes of Objects

13 Creating New Classes, Changing Existing Ones

14 Blocks and Procs

On the final chapter it recommends further reading, introduce the use of irb and some useful thoughts.

I think it is a really good source for non-programmers.

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