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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Rails, a lightweight and unobtrusive framework

May Rails be the first “love at never sight” case in history?

That is true, I never sight Rails deeply before, just some articles and podcasts now and then.

But there is a good conductor on it.

Like Ruby, one thing that really catches me up. PRINCIPLES!

A basic one is the “convention over configuration”.

The way I get to Java / J2EE world is a bit weird.

I came into that to keep myself on IT market, but that assort of configuration work needed to accomplish a Java application, bothers me a lot.

Another one is the “non Switzerland approach”.

That is: not to stand neutral about something, just make a decision (a good one) about anything involved on a web application.

We know that we have to use “active record” when dealing with databases, and now with Rails 2.0, we know will use REST pattern to tie the application pieces all around.

That is cool, since I will not be dealing with configurations and decisions that have nothing to do with a developer principal concern: the application itself.

More details? You can find here, where David Heinemeier Hansson, explains why Rails 2.0 isn't going to be a unicorn.

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