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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Ruby 1.9.0 < Windows > 1.8.6

I have to do something about the recent release of Ruby 1.9.0.

And decided to test all samples and exercises I have done when engaged as a student on Free Ruby Course.

I use Windows, and would like to go to 1.9.0 and back to 1.8.6 easily.

There is no difficult to accomplish that with the binaries.

I had Ruby 1.8.6 installed (on E:\Ruby) with the "one click installer" tool, everything working including some gems.

Here is my step by step procedure:

  • I down loaded the Ruby 1.9.0 windows binary file (, near 11,5 Mb, from
  • After that, I have created a folder like E:\Ruby-1.9.0, put the zip file there and unzip it.
  • Then, renamed E:\Ruby to E:\Ruby-1.8.6 and E:\Ruby-1.9.0 to E:\Ruby.
  • That is it. Now I'm using Ruby 1.9.0

This download binary doesn't have any add-on tool and I miss SciTE from the beginning.

Once more, pretty easy: just copied the SciTE sub-folder under E:\Ruby-1.8.6, to E:\Ruby, and now I get Ruby 1.9.0 and SciTE, just like the old one.

I think gems will work the same, will have to test.

To get back to 1.8.6 ?

No difficult at all: just renamed E:\Ruby to E:\Ruby-1.9.0, and E:\Ruby-1.8.6 to E:\Ruby

I have found a detailed change log list on Ruby 1.9.0 at

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