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Monday, July 7, 2008

The World Wide Web unofficial History

Since I’m a newbie on this Web Application development field: first things first.

I need to know the history, the facts that bring us to current WWW status.

So, for my practical and objective learning interests, I have compiled my unofficial WWW history, and I will publish it here in three parts:

  1. The early days
  2. The Browsers War
  3. Here and now

The idea is to keep all the objective WWW historical information together, on a single place.

By now, some things you should know:

The logo at the header of this article is the original WWW logo created by Robert Cailliau, the author of the term “World Wide Web”, the logo is now released into the public domain.

At that time 50-60ies, the cold war was on an escalation process, and military interest fires up the research into a way to avoid that a single enemy bomb break any command or control between the Pentagon and U.S. military bases around the World.

The answer: An integrated net of computers, in which each node will have the same importance, and information, would be transmitted in any direction, unordered, turning the data destruction or loss virtually impossible.

Years later, in 1969 this project becomes the ARPANET.

Some key names (and faces) to start reading about, chronologically:

Joseph Carl Robnett Licklider

Leonard Kleinrock

Robert Cailliau

Timothy John Berners-Lee

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