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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Back to presentations

Ten years from now (1987-1997), I was involved with presentations...

Creating and presenting them.

I do presentations all around the Country (most at the northeast area).

That time I was working for IBM, and most of that presentations are about SQL/DS, DB2, REXX, OS/2 (this was an amazing OS)

Now I have to do a Ruby language presentation. So I googled over "modern presentations techniques" and...

What a shock ! They are using storyboarding techniques now. Just like the movies !

Most I've learned about presentations at that time are past tense now.

That way I have to split my time between two urgent tasks:
1 - Keep my Ruby learning process going.
2 - Create a modern Ruby language presentation.

From now on I will try to do more of task one at work, and more of task two at home.

Lets Go !


Marcos Ricardo said...

I will put some modern presentations links on the blog soon.

SatishTalim said...

Best luck Marcos.