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Monday, October 29, 2007

New Ruby language logo on the block

I'm NOT proud to annouce: the new Ruby language logo contest has a winner.

Here it is:Now, for sure, I will stay with the old one:

Or a variant:

I really don't get the point.

There is an ugliest, washed out, with three different font styles version, of the old logo ?!?!


Jon Gretar said...

Well... I would skip the text under the logo. But I would use the rest.

The old logo was horrific. Honestly a reflection in a logo?!???! It was always a major issue to use that logo anywhere.

But whats with the horrifix destruction of the RoR logo here to the right? Who on earth just opened photoshop for the first time and decided to use almost all of the available filters?

Stephan said...

Well, in the actual (old) logo there was no refelction. Check the logo kit.
Apart from that, I don't fancy the new logo much either.

Marcos Ricardo said...

Thank You jon gretar and stephan.

Fixed my post about that refletion thing.