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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Brazil is definitely going into Rails

Now there is no other way to go, in less then a month the three bigger cities here, will have a regional Rails event.

  1. This weekend we had RejectConf SP’07 at São Paulo.
  2. December first we will have Minas on Rails 07 at Belo Horizonte.
  3. December eight we will have Rio on Rails 2007.

Three regional events in a row!

Ruby on Rails is growing fast here.

About São Paulo and Rio events I have posted already, and you can review those.

Thanks to %w(Akita on Rails) * 2.0, we have a “day after report” in english.

Now is time to post about the Belo Horizonte event.

You can find the official site on the logo below.


Fabio Akita, PMP said...

Thanks for the post, I am "AkitaOnRails" and I can say that RejectConf was great. And I am sure that Minas and Rio will be as good! I hope all brazilian Railers attend if they can, that's a great way to make our community stronger.

And I invite anyone that's not from Brazil to come by and attend as well. It will be an enjoyable experience, that's for sure.

fred said...

I see the Rails influence grows really quick in Brazil...
Outside Brazil I hear good comments about brazilian rails programers.

I hope to be there at RejectConf SP’08