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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Rails, Rails and my Ruby weekend after

Rio on Rails is over, but was a great event.

Yeah, that was a good one. Well organized, all presentations on time, a participative audience. A great event, on all aspects.

Congratulations to everyone involved.

And Fabio Akita’s “The First Rails 2.0 Screen Cast” is making waves on the net.

Rio on Rails 2008. I want to be there !

Yesterday, another event “Rails for Kids”:

A charity Rails presentations marathon, we could follow at home with “TreinaTOM” web interface.

That was amazing!

I count 50-60 average audience following it along the day (almost from Brazil, but at least two from US).

And those presentations confirm my “Rio on Rails” feedback: I need to open my mind to some practices I don’t used to be familiar with.

Followed Google with just a few points:

  • Test Driven Development or Behavior Driven Development (the newest euphemism) with Ruby.
  • Domain Specific Languages and how to use .
  • Agile Development Techniques.

Thanks to: Danilo Sato, Ronaldo Ferraz and Vinicius M Teles / Marcos Tapajos, respectively to open my mind on that subjects.

Those last events are all about Rails, but I will not start with Rails yet.

So I have to find a way to practice the first two items with Ruby only.

About Unit Testing with Ruby, I started With Satish Talin.

By the way, on my research about TDD and DSL, I find a useful place to MetaProgramming, and keeping me DRY on “Ruby thinking way”.

OK, OK, I have to start with Rails ASAP...

That is Cool!


Anonymous said...

What the FUCK is up with that widget auto-playing!? I click a link to your blog somewhere, and suddenly there's music in my headphones I did NOT ask for and I have no fucking idea how to disable. Turn that shit off.

Marcos Ricardo said...

Hi "anonymous",

Thank You for so polite feedback !

I get your point. From now on "My Radio" widget starts OFF, so any one could listen to it IF and WHEN desired.

Ah there is a big PLAY button on it that became a PAUSE/STOP when playing.

Hope fixed this.