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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Will Ruby Tracks knock out DHH’s Ruby on Rails?

Since I decide to get into this “Ruby on Web framework”, I need to go into some pre-learning tasks, about the Web it self, about Web applications, about this “Ruby on Web framework” community and so on.

First of all, if I will write about this framework and my process on learning it, I will need to use its logo a lot on my posts and any other material I produce in the process.

Soon I realized that the use of this framework original logo is almost prohibited by DHH, on any material he hasn’t personally approved. In Fact the word “Rails” and the term “Ruby on Rails” are under the same condition (are trademarked by DHH).

There are a lot of complains about that since last year over the net, you can see some of them here, here and here.

Since I they are all busy, I start thinking: to avoid any future problem, perhaps a legal issue, I will for now on use the word “Tracks”.

So, from now on, when you see the term “Ruby Tracks” on my posts, you know that I’m talking about that cool “Ruby on web framework”.

I just see the term “Ruby Tracks” been used on some musical subjects, and hope nobody has trademarked It until now.

By the way, I have created my own “Ruby Tracks” logo, as you can see above.

And if some one else want to use the words “Tracks”, “Ruby Tracks”, or the logo I have created, let me say: all of these are under the WTF Public License.

Which means: feel free to use, improve or modify it the way you want.


Now I get conscious that the “Ruby on Rails” term is now free to be used. But to be honest, I really like the “Ruby Tracks” idea.

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Taryn said...

Hiya, I think you may be overplaying the problems. I have ruby and ruby-on-rails in almost all my posts. DHH has seen and commented on my blog and I've never had a problem with him telling me off for using either term. I think you may only have an issue if you start to produce products that you sell for actual cash. ;)