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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Rails Summit Latin America Unplugged

Why unplugged? Well, just like a few other guys on this event (I have counted six on the same situation), I have no notebook, no iPhone, and I was not connected to the Web the four days I get there.

But to be honest, I feel good at the end. Why? Well, I’m a speaker too, and I will never be caught accessing the Web when a presentation is taking place. So, looking this way it was good. I give these fantastic guys my FULL attention.

Stand up: Fabio Kung, David Chelimsky, Obie Fernandes, Phillippe Hanrigou, Dr. Nic Williams and Chad Fowler.
Seated: Fabio Akita, Hongli Lai, Gilberto Mautner, Carlos Brando, Danilo Sato and Luis Lavena.

Stand up: Obie Fernandes, Phillippe Hanrigou, Dr. Nic Williams, Chad Fowler, Chris Wanstrath and Manoel Lemos.
Seated: Carlos Brando, Danilo Sato, Luis Lavena, Vinícius M. Teles and Carl Youngblood.
Laid down: Gilberto Mautner.

Anyway, this event was really really awesome! It will be a mark on Latin America’s Rails Community. Not only Brazil, but other neighborhood countries where present on the audience.

About the 1st day, there were two very short and special moments:

At the beginning when Gregg Pollack and Jason Seifer from RailsEnvy and EnvyCasts bring us a new video about the event. Very Funny ! Thanks to Carlos Brando.

And at the end, another good surprise at the Birds of a Feather session. The name: Elomar França a 17 years old guy from Rio Grande do Norte state, talking about how to create a studying group, on the same style of The infamous "identity 2.0" presentation from OSCON 2005.

Elomar França keynoting and a surprised Fabio Akita.

Good work Elomar !

Ah! And he speaks in Portuguese twice as fast as Dr. Nic does in English !

You can see more photos from Rails Summit Latin America here.

And a Video from the Happy End here.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Marcos!

Rails Summit was a really fantastic event. I hope I can stay in touch with the guys I meet there - the most funny and special programmers I ever meet.


Satish Talim said...

Would love if you let us know, who is who in the photos. Glad to hear that the Rails Summit was a blast.

Marcos Ricardo said...

@codando Yes Elomar I hope so...

@Satish Fixed, thanks.

Letícia said...

Yaay! I just watched the video and saw the photos...

Again: the talks should've been really nice. ^_~ I'm definitely there next year (there'll be another edition, right?)!!

Marcos Ricardo said...

@Leticia I think we are all counting on a 2009 Rails Summit LA edition.