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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Rails, what happens to you ?

Hey man, four weeks focused on my regular work (problems, problems, problems) and a lot of new versions are available !

Rails is now 2.1.1, Ruby is now 1.8.7-P72 or 1.8.6-287. Not to mention gems and plugins.

So many changes, but let’s continue the journey…

By the way, some answers I can give to my team mates about being productive using Rails on Windows.

To be honest I’m not that kind of a “command line guy” I like to use an IDE, but I need to admit if you choose the right tools and like that “command line way”, YOU CAN BE AS PRODUCTIVE ON WINDOWS AS ON OS/X.

I will tell you about it on a later article.

Back to web applications, now we have the whole history, you can access it from here.

Next step will be to understand how the internet really works.

If we pretend to create a web application, the first step, of course, is to know how all that stuff works.

On the last month I have unsuccessfully tried to find a real basic guide to developing Web application using Rails, but when I say “basic” I mean really basic.

A guide to someone that has NEVER ever, developed a Web application: could be a COBOL programmer for instance.

I’m still planning to publish Ruby related articles, but from now on I will start to publish a sequence of Web and Rails related articles, and will call it “WEB on Rails from A to Z” (you will see this on the subheadings).

So, on a future article I will explore the basics on publishing a static page on the Web, using the very raw Web and Ruby / Rails resources.

The reason ?

That is simple, I’m learning from the raw basics myself, I’m not a COBOL programmer anymore (nothing against it), but still dealing with VB client-server applications(nothing against it too), and was dropped into the Java / J2EE (Ooops) jungle last year.

My knowledge on Web applications was limited to a couple of HTML / Java script courses in the past, so, you can imagine the suffering.

And about that WEB thing take care of it !

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